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Here at Oakpont, we go beyond just delivering ideas and concepts – we partner with our clients to set and establish measurable goals and roadmap their journey.

We are set apart by our diverse talent pool.

Our Specialty Areas

Talent management

Magic happens when you combine the best individuals with the best technology. But how do you find great people? It can be tough – it’s not just about finding someone with the right technical skills, you also need individuals who  effortlessly fit into your culture. To achieve this, you need to partner with an organisation who empathetically appreciates the intricacies of your business. You also need access to a highly skilled diverse and security cleared talent pool which we specialise in developing.

We’re a technology company with extensive talent management capabilities. When you partner with us, you’ll have our entire technical team working for you too. Our internal team conducts a two-stage, live technical screening with candidates, customised to your exact needs.

By the time you meet your candidate, you can be sure they will have the right technical skills to slot seamlessly within with your team. With our flexible engagement approach, you can scale with certainty. You can build internal capability by recruiting permanently, augment your team at short notice with our contingent workforce capability or let us do the boring stuff by taking advantage of our workforce management services.

Permanent recruitment

Finding the right individual is transformative to any business.

That someone with the right balance of technical ability, skills and cultural fit in a timeous manner is the art of our craft. We balance and value these aspects equally to deliver you the right talent so that your team will thrive.  

Taking the time to understand your team dynamics, previous challenges, future goals, what you want and or don’t want, culture etc. We take all of this into consideration as part of our process and on-going commitment to ensuring that together we source the perfect match for your business.

Contingent workforce

Providing backfill resources or fixed term engagements is what we do on a daily basis. When you partner with us,  you become part of a technical organisation which holds partnerships and accreditations with most of the industry’s major vendors. This helps us to stay relevant and establish a broad and ever-growing network of the best industry professionals, both passive and active.

Our commitment to developing a trusted partnership helps us maintain the loyalty of our contingent staff and means we have a constant stream of top talent available for short- or long-term engagements.

Workforce management

Occasionally you need flexibility in how you hire and manage people. Has there been a freeze on permanent head count or is your business currently going through a transition period and needs people on the floor but you don’t  want to be locked in by employing permanent resources? We can help with our proven workforce management solution and tailored approach.

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