Managed IT Services

At Oakpont, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional Managed IT services to our clients. Our team believes that the way to build trust and a long-term client relationship is by ensuring that expectations are crystal clear, making our work transparent, and being great communicators.

As your IT partner, we align technology to meet your specific needs and growth goals. Our Managed IT Services team monitors and proactively manages the entire infrastructure so issues don’t get in the way of primary business functions.

You receive relevant recommendations, budgeting assistance, short and long-term planning, as well as comprehensive network reports and security audits during Technical Business Review meetings. These important discussions put you in a position to make informed decisions that will benefit your company.

Included with Oakpont's Managed IT Services

  • IT Support
service desk, field support, reporting
  • End User Computing
desktop-as-a-service, monitoring, updates, remote/online support
  • Communications
monitoring, security, support
  • Software
licensing, patching, management
  • IT Assets
procurement, deployment, warranty and asset menegement
  • IT Security

monitoring, reporting, guidance

  • Applications
licensing and management
  • Cloud Management
identity management, backups and disaster recovery
  • IT Consutltation
advice, reporting, guidance, project planning
  • IT Processes & Procedures
user guides, SOP’s, change and risk management

We offer flexible managed services plans to meet your needs and budget

Immediate Cost Savings with Oakpont's Managed IT Services:

  • License Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Negotiated Equipment Discounts
  • Internet Services Audit
  • Telecom / VoIP Review
  • Hardware as a Service and other finance options

Oakpont Managed IT Service Team: Your IT Department

With OAKPONT you have an enterprise-level IT team supporting your end-users and IT environment.

Our team is highly experienced, professional, and personable.

Our team works with your staff to create a deep understanding of your business.
Service Desk Engineers
Your local Service Desk provides a personable and reliable response, answering all calls directly. Clients receive immediate support or can request a specific time for assistance. This team customises our tools and systems for each client to ensure their IT environments are optimised, monitored, and automated appropriately.
Field Engineers
Field Engineers develop a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, team, and work flows. During regularly scheduled onsite appointments, they spend time working on proactive tasks such network tests, backup restores, server infrastructure checks, and documentation updates to keep our clients’ IT environment healthy.